Father, Veteran, Teacher

My #1 Job is Dad and positive role model to my 3 children.

I have proven leadership skills as a 3-time Air Force Commander and 26-year retired Colonel, including leading a flying squadron in combat missions over Afghanistan.

As a St Paul Public School Junior ROTC Instructor, I am developing inner-city students into citizens of character, dedicated to serving their community and country.

Now it's Time to Enlist Dwight to
Serve Us Again as District 47 Senator.

Common Sense Leadership

"I am running to lead and enact common-sense law enforcement, economic, and education policies. Many other issues are important, but none rise to the level of importance as these three, and they are the centerpiece of my campaign."

Public Safety
Dwight will vote for tougher criminal sentencing and he will fully fund our law enforcement agencies — it's common sense.

Minnesotans are witnessing incredible hardships due to rampant inflation and over-taxation — it's a one-two punch that is putting many in serious economic peril. Dwight supports common sense, across-the-board tax cuts for hard-working individuals and businesses. We need relief ASAP — Dwight will deliver!

As a current public-school educator, as well as a graduate of public schools, Dwight understands the crucial importance of public education in Minnesota — it's our greatest legacy. He will ensure our public schools remain competitive and have adequate funding, while also ensuring parents are able to choose from alternatives that best meet the learning needs of their children.

Watch Dwight effectively
stand up for you —

League of Women Voters
Senate District 47 Candidate Forum
Watch Dwight advocate for tax
cuts for hardworking families —

Woodbury Chamber of Commerce
District 47 Candidate Forum

Dwight Dorau is a retired member of the United States Air Force.
Use of Dwight Dorau's military rank, job titles, and photographs
in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department
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